Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009 Press Pass Fusion Break

All cards will be listed Thursday November 19th for sale on EBay. Make sure to check out my EBay listings. In about a week I will post results of the sales and which ones went for the most. Any predictions?

Dec 8th Update on Sales ----- Currently down 56% on the cost of the case. Needless to say, this might be my worst break of the year (or Gridiron Gear). I am still sitting on 2 Brock Lesnar auto redemption cards, but those are not selling for as much as I thought they were. Very disappointed in this product. Thought it would have sold better with all the on card autographs and parallels that sold well in the beginning for me.

Friday, November 13, 2009

2009-10 Panini Prestige Basketball

I opened up a case of Panini Prestige Basketball last month.  I posted and sold all the individual cards on EBay.  After the almost all of the cards have been sold, I am currently $86.72 over what I paid for the case!  Woo Hoo.  I love when I can make a little money busting open cases of cards.  Rarer and rarer nowadays.

On top of making money, I was also able to keep a couple of cards.  Adrian Dantley Autograph /10.  Brandon Jennings Autograph /100.

For some reason I always do well with basketball cases.  There were a lot of rookies, parallel cards, jerseys, and autographs.  Here are the top 5 highest sellers for me.

Blake Griffin Autograph /50  SOLD FOR $125.00
James Harden Autograph  SOLD FOR $50.00
Tyler Hansbrourgh Autograph On Card  SOLD FOR $30.75

Johnny Flynn Autograph On Card  SOLD FOR $30.00

Rodrigue Beaubois Autograph /50 SOLD FOR $20.00

Most disappointing sale:                                                     Tony Douglas Autograph /399 SOLD FOR $2.60
Thought it would have sold for more, based on him being a rookie for the NY Knicks.

Complete Base Sets started out at $5.50 and now my last sale was at $40.00 (I don't know why the drastic change?)
Best Jersey Card Sale:  Blake Griffin/Tyler Hansbrough Dual Gu Jersey SOLD FOR $19.60
Best Non-Rookie Card sale:  Paul Pierce Prestigious Pros 20/25  $10.00

Overall grade of this case a 7 out of 10.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

2009-10 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey Break

I opened up a case of Artifacts last week.  I posted all the individual cards on EBay.  After the first round of sales, I am currently $22.46 under what I paid for the case.  I have a bunch of individual cards currently up for bid.  I am thinking that I should break about even with the purchase of this case.

This was my first hockey case I have ever ripped and flipped.  Quite enjoyable.  The patches were excellent.  There were a ton of rookies and parallel cards.  Here are some of the cards that were the highest sellers for me.
GREEN THEODORE /15 GU Dual Jersey  SOLD FOR $72.00


WAYNE GRETZKY 2/25 Dual GU Jersey SOLD FOR $40.00
Best Rookie Card Sold:
ANTTI NIEMI 39/50 Rookie RC Hawks  SOLD FOR $28.50
Most disappointing sale:
                                                     LEMIEUX CROSBY /35 GU Dual Jersey Only SOLD FOR $16.50
Thought it would have sold for more, based on other dual jersey swatch sales.

Complete Base Sets have sold for $15.00 and $14.52
Rookie Card Redemptions, wild card version have ranged between $5.01 - $8.26.
Best Rookie Card sale (non-parallel):  Leafs Redemption Card $20.50.

Overall grade of this case a 6 out of 10.