Friday, July 23, 2010

2010 Topps Tribute 2 Box Break

Broke open 2 boxes of 2010 Topps Tribute. Horrible QA on this product. In 2 boxes I got 2 damaged cards, 1 of which was a Auto Jersey of Clayton Kershaw. I had a base of Ty Cobb with the chrome peeling off. The packs were wedged into the box. For over $200 per box, I would think the packaging would be much better. Heck, A&G had better packaging.

Here are the pictures of the break.

Update on sales of this box:
I am at a loss of 67.61% right now. Still waiting on payment for a couple of cards that were recently sold. Just hoping at this point to not lose more than half my money spent.

Monday, July 19, 2010

2010 Sport Kings Series D 3 Case Break

I finally was able to get through all the cards for Sport Kings Series D. I broke open 3 cases and it was probably the fastest break ever. Love the cards. Pulled 3 cut autos in 3 cases (2 autos in 1 case, 1 in another, 0 in the last).

Sold the Phil Jackson cut auto for $500.

Here are pictures of the cards that I pulled. Everything is listed on EBay.

Update on some sales. Sold the Rosa Parks cut auto for $375. Sold the Johnny Unitas cut auto for $425. Sold all my empty boxes for $15 per box. Sold Muhammad Ali mini parallel to a NFL player for $67 (that was cool). Sold a Dennis Rodman auto for $24.

Update on more sales: Sold the 2 McGwire auto jerseys for $167 & $152. Sold the Quad Jersey of Ali/Nicklaus for $139.

I am beginning to wish I bought more of this product. Overall right now I am down 2.3%. However, I have about 50 more base cards to sell. I am thinking I might turn a slight profit on this case.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2010 Score Football Case Break

Broke open a 20 box case of 2010 Score football. Got a Tim Tebow autograph, that was definitely the case hit. Pulled a Toby Gerhart autograph. Other autographs included Mike Jenkins, Austin Collie, James Starks, Andre Dixon, and 2 LeGarrette Blount. Got 1 redemption for a Joe McKnight autograph. 9 total autographs. Let's see how I do on this break. Thoughts, predictions?

Here are the pictures of my break:

Sold the Tim Tebow autograph for $99.99. Sold Toby Gerhart autograph for $18.38. Sold Joe McKnight redemption for $13.08. All other autos sold for under $10. Sold a Hot rookies set for $20.75. It's tough to get a read on this. Can't predict if I will be able to turn a profit or not. Will be close. Right now currently stand at a 35.3% loss on this product, even with the Tebow sale. Many more sets and all glossy and rookie cards left to sell.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2010 Allen & Ginter Case Break

No Strasburg's. Opened 1 box that had no insert cards (auto, jerseys, silk, etc). This case also did not have a rip card. First time that has happened to me with a Ginter product. Overall not happy with this case at all. Most everything has already been listed or is currently listed on EBay. I have 1 more case to open. That should be completed tonight.

Here are the cards I got from the case:


Just sold my 2 rip cards for $200 for Jason Bay /25 and $100 for Colby Rasmus /99. That helped reduce the loss. I also ripped open a rip card and got a mini Matt Garza that sold for $28.13. Still have many sets to sell and mini's. I am thinking that the total loss for this product will be about 20%. I am not buying A&G next year (unless another hot rookie shows up).

Currently I am at a loss of 53.6% on this 2 case break.

2009-10 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey Break

Broke open 5 boxes of 2009-10 SP Authentic. Sold 4 boxes, and still have 3 boxes left to sell. Currently I am at a -35.34%. I project a loss of about 10-11% on this case. I did not hit any big rookie auto's. Probably one in the remaining 4 boxes. If you want one, email me an offer.

Here are the cards I got from the 5 boxes I opened.