Friday, November 13, 2009

2009-10 Panini Prestige Basketball

I opened up a case of Panini Prestige Basketball last month.  I posted and sold all the individual cards on EBay.  After the almost all of the cards have been sold, I am currently $86.72 over what I paid for the case!  Woo Hoo.  I love when I can make a little money busting open cases of cards.  Rarer and rarer nowadays.

On top of making money, I was also able to keep a couple of cards.  Adrian Dantley Autograph /10.  Brandon Jennings Autograph /100.

For some reason I always do well with basketball cases.  There were a lot of rookies, parallel cards, jerseys, and autographs.  Here are the top 5 highest sellers for me.

Blake Griffin Autograph /50  SOLD FOR $125.00
James Harden Autograph  SOLD FOR $50.00
Tyler Hansbrourgh Autograph On Card  SOLD FOR $30.75

Johnny Flynn Autograph On Card  SOLD FOR $30.00

Rodrigue Beaubois Autograph /50 SOLD FOR $20.00

Most disappointing sale:                                                     Tony Douglas Autograph /399 SOLD FOR $2.60
Thought it would have sold for more, based on him being a rookie for the NY Knicks.

Complete Base Sets started out at $5.50 and now my last sale was at $40.00 (I don't know why the drastic change?)
Best Jersey Card Sale:  Blake Griffin/Tyler Hansbrough Dual Gu Jersey SOLD FOR $19.60
Best Non-Rookie Card sale:  Paul Pierce Prestigious Pros 20/25  $10.00

Overall grade of this case a 7 out of 10.

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