Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2010 Score Football Case Break

Broke open a 20 box case of 2010 Score football. Got a Tim Tebow autograph, that was definitely the case hit. Pulled a Toby Gerhart autograph. Other autographs included Mike Jenkins, Austin Collie, James Starks, Andre Dixon, and 2 LeGarrette Blount. Got 1 redemption for a Joe McKnight autograph. 9 total autographs. Let's see how I do on this break. Thoughts, predictions?

Here are the pictures of my break:

Sold the Tim Tebow autograph for $99.99. Sold Toby Gerhart autograph for $18.38. Sold Joe McKnight redemption for $13.08. All other autos sold for under $10. Sold a Hot rookies set for $20.75. It's tough to get a read on this. Can't predict if I will be able to turn a profit or not. Will be close. Right now currently stand at a 35.3% loss on this product, even with the Tebow sale. Many more sets and all glossy and rookie cards left to sell.

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