Monday, July 19, 2010

2010 Sport Kings Series D 3 Case Break

I finally was able to get through all the cards for Sport Kings Series D. I broke open 3 cases and it was probably the fastest break ever. Love the cards. Pulled 3 cut autos in 3 cases (2 autos in 1 case, 1 in another, 0 in the last).

Sold the Phil Jackson cut auto for $500.

Here are pictures of the cards that I pulled. Everything is listed on EBay.

Update on some sales. Sold the Rosa Parks cut auto for $375. Sold the Johnny Unitas cut auto for $425. Sold all my empty boxes for $15 per box. Sold Muhammad Ali mini parallel to a NFL player for $67 (that was cool). Sold a Dennis Rodman auto for $24.

Update on more sales: Sold the 2 McGwire auto jerseys for $167 & $152. Sold the Quad Jersey of Ali/Nicklaus for $139.

I am beginning to wish I bought more of this product. Overall right now I am down 2.3%. However, I have about 50 more base cards to sell. I am thinking I might turn a slight profit on this case.

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