Friday, July 23, 2010

2010 Topps Tribute 2 Box Break

Broke open 2 boxes of 2010 Topps Tribute. Horrible QA on this product. In 2 boxes I got 2 damaged cards, 1 of which was a Auto Jersey of Clayton Kershaw. I had a base of Ty Cobb with the chrome peeling off. The packs were wedged into the box. For over $200 per box, I would think the packaging would be much better. Heck, A&G had better packaging.

Here are the pictures of the break.

Update on sales of this box:
I am at a loss of 67.61% right now. Still waiting on payment for a couple of cards that were recently sold. Just hoping at this point to not lose more than half my money spent.


  1. OK, I get the 'gimmick' cards in Ginter, I really do. It's what the set is all about. But be serious now, Topps. Turtle vs. Hare in an ultra high end product? Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

  2. Agreed. Very disappointed in this product.

  3. We had horrible luck with the A&G boxes. The 3rd and 4th cards in a large percentage of packs were roller damaged. And we had a couple minis that were wedged in sideways. So that's a strong statement to say that A&G is better.
    And I'm completely with you two on the rivalry cards in this set. Absolutely no place for anything but baseball players in high end.